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FREE Sunny Coupe 1200GX (KB110) - One for everyone!


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You can now own your very own Nissan 1200GX, in multiple colors!  It's a free for personal use only.   





Found these on METMANIA-FAN while searching the web....


1. All paper model patterns are free to download only for personal use.
2. However, all copyrights are reserved by METMANIA-FAN.
3. Even if anyone modifies the patterns, copyright of base design would not be waived.
4. It's illegal to sell, to disclose or to publish our files, patterns,photos or these printed matters without authorization.
5. Once you downloaded any files, you were presumed to accept above text.
6. When you find above illegal actions, please inform us in email.



There are four different color options for your paper folding pleasure.   I thought it was very awesome someone took so much time to make these and to give it away for free...  I will be building my own set.


METMANIA_FAN_BAR2.jpg  *You will see the models when you click on the Nostalgic Car button on their site.



Since METMANIA-FAN site is requesting not to link directly to single pages, I can only show you how the button looks like.



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Those are awesome! please provide the direct link!



In reading the instructions for sharing their files, they only want links going to the home page... So I added some details on where you can find the cut-outs.


Here is what the button looks like.



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