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240z throw out bearing not reaching pressure plate


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I have a 71 240z. Production date is 03/71.


I've been have an issue with the clutch not disengaging.


I have replace master/slave, all lines, clutch, and p.p.


When i inspected the the transmission, I found the throw out bearing was not reaching the pressure. This is manual moving the clutch fork with the slave pushrod disconnected.


I have verified that I have a early style three piece transmission and matching throw out bearing.


Will moving up to the later style(longer) throw out bearing solve my issues?


Thanks in advance,


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The throw out or release bearings are all the same size (generally) It's the bearing collar that holds the bearing that comes in different lengths.


The transmission type doesn't matter.


The pressure plate and the the release bearing collar should be a matched pair.




Now when did this start to happen, as the collar that is on there should be the correct one for your car. So what has changed? recently? Has it ever worked while you have had the car.? 

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Thanks for the replies.


The clutch never worked. I'm assuming that was the reason it was parked. It all appears to be original.


The collar is the shorter one and the clutch kit I bought was for a 71. I also still have the old p.p. and clutch disc. They didn't have too much wear on them.


I'm manually moving the clutch fork by hand to eliminate the hydraulics. I can see that the release bearing isn't not pushing on the fingers, just barely touches it, then the fork bottoms out on the trams case.

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