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Got rid of the Lightning

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Well i got rid of the Lightning... It was starting to be a pain in the arse to daily drive the thing. With 70$ fill ups with 93 octane a few times a week it was breaking me.... Plus other little things that kept going wrong. So moms boyfriend works at a dealership and hooked me up with a one owner 2003 acura rsx in perfect condition. It was so nice when i filled it up for 20 bucks with cheap 87 octane... I was dancing at the pump at 12am lol, got some strange looks. But it felt so good to fill up for 20 bones...


But this car also ended a long term relationship that had been going down hill for months to begin with... Stupid girl lied to me, lied to my mother.. Then to top it off whe she came to get her crap outa my house she left and a big arse bottle of contact solution all over my few hour old car.

Just needed to rant so heres a quick pick of the old ride and the new one from my cell phone


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yea its got me pissed off... Just glad she dosent know about this forum. She tried getting on few other forums and stiring up shit but friends witht he mods so got her banned... Shes totaly lost it lol


atleast now the 620 will get some attention

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