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Question: Weber Swap


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My stock carb is giving out and instead of a rebuild i am deciding to just get a weber. A fellow Rat is selling one but its a 32/34 from an L series engine and i was wondering a few things:

1. Will it work?

2. How much tuning if any required? How much easier are webers to tune?

3. Can i use/modify the current linkage or do i need the weber links?

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Not sure if the '75 is smog exempt yet? Will still not pass a visual inspection if ever required.



I doubt it will just 'bolt on'. It has to mount onto your intake and will need an adapter plate.


The B uses a cable throttle so if this 32/34 is from a linkage setup you'll have to adapt something.


Do some homework first. Be sure you get the air filter for it. It will be jetted slightly off for a smaller A14. The jetting kit isn't cheap and involves a lot of trial and error to find what works only to have a bunch of jets you don't need. Try to find someone that has already done the work and find out what jets he used and just buy them.


For under $50 I would rebuild the B's carb with a quality kit. Then save up for a weber.

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