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    Hello guys, in search of a 4 Spd, or 5 Spd, transmission that will fit an A series engine. Thanks, all.


  2. To answer your posting question: yes, shift away. '76 B210, 4spd trans, stock carb, full air filter housing and intake tube and it reaches 70ish mph in 3rd gear(if you had a stock tach it'd be teasing the yellow mark).
  3. Could be irrelevant but, check the pickup coil/magnet's dwell gap. I only mention this because I didn't notice it mentioned, earlier, in the thread.
  4. Not a rebuttal...just sharing some cool possibilities. Old but, interesting. RB in a 120Y 4-door. https://youtu.be/xkfSqsiPA1s
  5. Don't get me wrong- I've got my fair share of rare parts(bumper bar, tach, etc.)... I just wish the high price of B[210] parts were reflected in the resale value, as well, lol.
  6. Random, but I noticed the plastic gauge cover...There is a gauge clock on Ebay for under $100!!!!!! if you want to get rid of that Datsun gauge cover. $35+$30 shipping or something- https://www.ebay.com/itm/DATSUN-SUNNY-1973-77-120Y-B210-GENUINE-INTERIOR-DASH-CLOCK-RARE/122795714322?hash=item1c9731e712:g:v74AAOSwfjRZ7fhO&vxp=mtr
  7. The easy tuning of the coil-over is what you want for, really, any racing application; unless you nail the suspension tuning(shock/spring combo) on the first try. To be honest, if you make your stock control arms adjustable, you can get a bit more travel from them for use in rallycross. A step further would be: you'd have to relocate the control arm mounting position more inward while using adjustable control arm to reach this new mounting location(similar to what you see on trophy trucks' front suspension). If you dont want to go crazy on the suspension just buy really expensive adjustable shocks and a couple different spring-rated coils or buy the universal dual spring coil-over sleeve thing. Anywho, have fun on that build! Peace Brother. Have fun with that build! Can't wait for pics!!!
  8. A FULLY-adjustable, tubed, ball-socket, multi-link, coil-overs, the works for $2.5K? Cheap coil-overs are around $700-$900 alone, and if someone is building this car on a budget they wouldnt be going into rallycross, lol. But, I, agree: $2.5K is a lot of money, regardless of what you are spending it on. It just depends on if it's worth it to the driver, or not.
  9. I can get you a full front suspension kit(tube, completely adjustable w/ spherical joints while converting it to a Macpherson strut type suspension[similar to s13]) for, probably, about $2.5K...$1.3K without adjustable coil-overs. (Neither including a brake-kit, although can get a full brake kit...FULL...for about $2k- including master cylinder with remote reservoir-). For the rear I would swap in a 4-link from a 210(B310) or 80's 200sx(same rear suspension) with the H150. I can't wait to see pics!!!!
  10. 0r0B210

    New member

    I have a lot of extra parts. If you need anything let me, or post a wanted ad, and I'll see what I can do to help you out. Just cover the shipping. Have fun on the build!!! I also, HIGHLY recommend RockAuto.com.
  11. Something related to the Datsun 120y 140y or Sunny rally car would be cool.
  12. Thanks for the heads up! Do you have the ac vent unit that mounts under the standard dash? -Octavio -ILR!
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