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Hey everyone so I bought this datsun. Its a bit confusing for me as this is the first time I've owned such a car, as to what the exact model this is. I'll post pictures and I hope you guys can advise me as to what the model this car is and where I can get parts to fully restore this beauty back to its original state.


I personally think its a Datsun 180B. This reason I say so is because the registration papers on this say the following.


Chassis No. P610-146779

Engine No. L18-358710


Unfortunately due to the system of registration in Sri Lanka at the time this car was first registered which was back in 1974 the model no. and engine capacity are blank. Furthermore the YOM is stated as 1974 and I personally think they've done it just because the car registered in the same year.

I would love to get some feedback from whomever as to what the exact model of this car is. What the engine is and any ideas as to how I should do it up. There is no badge on label indicating anything else as to details of the car.



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I bought it for about $500 the engine is running perfect. I put in four new plugs, the two front shocks, an engine mount, and replaced the lower arm bushes and the ball joints. I also got the carb cleaned up changed one of the jets and had to change the iginition coil cos there was a slight miss. Cost me about $200 for that bit.


Ok so now that I know it's a 610 apart from the fact the the papers say the engine is an l18 how else can I make sure its actually an l18 engine.

The running repair that are left to do so far is the fact that there is a play in the steering box and after i get that done only the allignment.
The body is really bad though. Although some of the pictures tell a different story. The floorboard in the drivers side is almost non-existent. An everytime i take the car out there pieces of rust fallen off part of the car in my garage.

Im saving up to get the body done. It'll probably cost $1500 at least to get the whole thing done and painted.

So back to my question. How do I know what the engine is and its capcity. Apart from what the papers say.

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Ok so now that I know it's a 610 apart from the fact the the papers say the engine is an l18 how else can I make sure its actually an l18 engine.



there is a stamp on the block.


if you stand in front of the car the stamp is on the left side about where the 4th cylinder is.

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Wow!!! that saved me a whole heap of time!!! Its an L18 engine!!!

If I were to replace the carb, (not that its giving me any trouble at the moment) what would be the best fit in terms of performance. I've read that the 32/36 DGEV Weber is a good fit. Should I put in one of those or just let it be?? or is there a better option???

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