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i need the link for wiring a ka24de

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Yes flatcat19 thank you. Thats the one i was lookin for.


And i decided im using this motor cause i know how good it runs. I have no clue yet if this l16 even runs yet. Plus it seems every bolt i touch on it breaks :-( but im keepin the motor and tranny on the side. And im NOT goint to hack this wire harness up. Someone cut the wires that go to the other side of the motor so that needs to be fixed so im keepin the wiring intacked and untouched and oneday itll make its way into another dime. Ill fab my own harness cause i dont need prity much everything. Its a race car thats all. This car will be finished and the only thing i probobly wont be fabing myself will be the driveshaft. I could but i want it to be strong and reliable. And i have never done that before.

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Untill the new motor is droped off i am deffinetly workin on it. Just now im debating on making my own harness just to run the motor. Shouldnt be hard. Just starter buttin and aux swiches inside the car and wires to run and charge battery. I think it can be made easly.



Have you read any of the threads you have started?


You have already proven you are in over your head alone. 


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Everyday i read and learn and you guys teach me more by things you say. Ive gone from not knowing a thing to knowing a fare bit now about datsuns :-D never thaught id learn this much this fast but i thank all of you for the help ive recieved. I think im going to keep with datsuns and make my daily driver a 72 1200 coupe and put the l16 in that. I will finish my car and love every second of it.

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