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Flex-a-lite mojave universal heater?

allen dodson

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The biggest prob with the 521 setup is that the air flows too fast through it. Have you ever noticed that the defroster puts out warmer air than the heater? The extra length of the def ducts slow the air down so it goes through the heater core slower. When it's set to "floor", the air runs through the core unrestricted. When I taped up the fresh air vent to keep water from getting in(trying to find a cab leak), I opened up the vent to the cab. So when the fan got turned on, it pulled the air from inside the cab, pushed it through the core and it warmed up the cab nice and toasty. So....if you can restrict or eliminate the cold air intake during the winter months, it heats up nicely. Of course....I had already pulled it apart and blew out all the debris that was plugging everything up.

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