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Generally the US and Canada got the 50. The 60 was an option though


Look on the case. Usually there is a foil label

LR150 = 50 amp,

LR160 = 60 amp.


The alt. case may be stamped with a number.

23100-W5802 or W5803 on the 50 amp unit

23100-W5805 on the 60 amp unit

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I assume this is a fresh rebuild? Remove the pump and fill with oil and replace. Half fill the new oil filter and screw on. Then you could just pull the coil wire off and crank it over. With the valve cover off you will see the oil when it arrives.


More work is to drop the oil pump and remove the drive spindle, put the pump back on filled with oil. Remove the distributor and insert a long suitable rod with bladed edge like a screwdriver or cut a long screwdriver shaft and use an electric drill to spin the pump. Takes 10-20 seconds. But then you have to time the motor and put everything back.

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no its not a rebiuld. yet. im going to utah from california to pick up the car and everything like the water pump, belt, alternator, fuel pump, hoses, gaskets, air filter,thermostat, and clutch are being replaced. This is so i dont die in the 75 mile stretch or desert i have to drive through. i thought taking a socket/ or flat head attachment to a power drill and puting it down where the distributer goes would work. i know you can do that on chevys. so that wont work on this? any other thinks i might need for the car? it sat for 20 years till i saved it. anything else that could go bad?

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I've pulled apart engines that have sat for 10 years. The bearings are still covered in oil. My 710 sits most of the year and I take it to Canby and that's about it. I never worry about it starting up dry.


Just pull the coil wire and crank for twenty seconds and it will be more than primed.

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any other thinks i might need for the car? it sat for 20 years till i saved it. anything else that could go bad?

Anything and everything can go bad after sitting 20 years. How it was stored is crucial.


I'd be most concerned about brakes and tires. And the fuel tank & lines will often give trouble even if it runs OK at first. At least drain the tank via the drain plug if rust comes out replace the tank.

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I have a 78 510 and I need a new alternator but I can't find what it is the tag is gone. I was woundering what would happen if I just get the 50 amp alternator (what was common) in the car and it happened to me a 60 amp? Or if the alternative was 60 amps and the care was 50

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With everything on including headlights, radio ,heater and fan, 50A works perfect. If you add additional equipment (eg brighter lights) then it will will work better with a higher capacity alternator. Or if the 50A wasn't putting out (was out of spec) then replacing it will help.

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