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manual transmission fluid level check

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I thought I would see where to check the fluid in the 5-speed transmission. I know there's a bolt that one removes, and if fluid comes out, it's full. I don't know which bolt that is though. All my fruitless searching told me was that it's so obvious, there's no reason to post questions about that online, which means I'm an idiot for asking.

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Trucks tend to be on the driver's side. Z cars on the other.  It's half way up the side of the front case half and some are a square hole that a 1/2" ratchet without socket will fit into, identical to the differential bung. Some bungs are a protruding square that a pipe wrench fits.


You should be able to touch the oil with the tip of your little finger. I fill them by using a dollar store kitchen funnel on several feet of old garden hose pushed down from the engine compartment into the fill hole. When it spills out you're full.


If you don't know when the oil was changed last (should be every 3-5 years) then change it now rather than topping it up. About 2 liters of GL-4 NOT GL-5  80w90 gear oil, or equivalent. Oil used must be 'yellow metal safe' or compatible with copper alloys. Synthetic is fine but it tends to leak past the worn tail shaft seal. 

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