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Finally Bringing Her Back To Life


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So I've been off for awhile and all for a good reason, I have been doing a whole lot of work on my 720, and she is extremely close to being able to run, I do not have pictures of her engine opened up before the work, but it wont look too much different anyway. Once the engines running again I just have to find a tailgate, some more roof lights, and a snorkel, then she will be better than new, should probably repaint it too. 

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Upon working on it the timing chain decided it was time to fall apart, so I kinda have to pull the engine apart more than I would like to put in the new parts we have coming. Unfortunately we had not blocked the tensioner, it was a pretty bad mistake that's going to be time consuming.

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Chains don't fall apart. Just re assemble with the tensioner in place properly. Fold a piece of garden hose and place between the two rows of chain right beside the tensioner. This will keep it in place while doing so. Leave enough to pull up and out once the cam sprocket is on.

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Ok so im in a similar situation I blew a head gasket so I had my buddy that builds my race car motors go over my head port and polish and I put a comp cam and I got a timing set and so my delima is getting off my front cover do I need to pull my distributer? I have all the bolts out and it acts like it wants to come off but I dont want to break anything

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While waiting for my new timing chain kit, I have been thinking about going through the process of putting a turbo on. I know there are kits for other engines that are compatible with a Z24 engine but require a bit of work. Anyone know how I can get my hands on this stuff?

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