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J13 smoking


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So, here's the deal. Have a 66' 530 with a J13. When I got it, the motor was running fine, no noise, no smoke. Ran it for quite a few hours with no issue. Pulled it out while I was restoring the truck, put it on a engine stand, cleaned it up and painted it. When the truck was ready, dropped it back in with the only changes being it was cleaned and painted and I added a header and sidedraft weber. When I started it back up, it smokes like a son of a bitch now, constantly. Figuring maybe time just caught up to the seals, I pulled the head and had the guides redone, new valves and seals also. Bolted it back on and...........no change! At this point it must be the rings, but how the hell do rings fail that badly in such a short time on a engine that was running fine? I can't see any reason why going from the stock carb/manifold to the new setup would have any effect on oil burning. Just seems strange for it to happen out of the blue (no pun intended)

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I assume blue smoke and not black or gray. How long did you drive it smoking? If the engine was tilted around being removed or rolled around on the ground oil could have gone places and it will take a while to burn it all off.

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It's oil smoke, no doubt. I put maybe 20 miles on it before I pulled the engine and not a hint of smoke. Now it won't stop. Did not roll the engine around on the stand. I have run it about 3 hours since I put it back in. The smoke clears up somewhat after about 10 minutes, but never goes away. I used to be a professional mechanic years ago so this confounds me somewhat. The symptoms would lead you to think guides or seals, but those are new now. (when I pulled the head, the intake ports and valves were wet wit oil) Generally bad rings will not have a heavy smoke on startup, more a constant, even level of smoke. It's not residue either (I think) as the smoke does die off quite a bit, but if it sits overnight, heavy smoke again.

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