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Whats up guys, new 720 owner


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Hey whats up everyone long time no post. Im back in the ratsun world. I guess i can't escape it. Anyways I used to have a 710 and traded it to a good dude for an 84 720. Im pretty excited since I've never had a little truck before. been reading up on posts to lower the truck and wheels options so hopefully in the next couple months the look of the truck will change. Names Jon or Maloggy whatever haha

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Top Posters In This Topic

I like the 720. Not as much as the 620 but it's good.

Even though I love the styling of a 720, especially the Datsun branded ones, heck, I OWN one, I must agree. The 620 is my favorite minitruck of them all.


And welcome back! We all have this weird thing called life that keeps us away from here sometimes, but we all come back, they all come back... :devil:

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