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distingushing between l16/l18.l20b heads


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i think this could very well be a sticky..


i've been doing alot of reading lately and i've seen people mention havin an l16 head on a l20 or an usin l20 cam or l20 head on an l18 so on an so fourth anyways the question is how do you tell what your head came off of..


example when i bought my truck the head was blown and i had to buy another one.. i got a A87 closed chamber square port "peanut" head.. would this have came from a l20? l18? l16? the head that came on the truck was a U67

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jdm head with ports for fuel injection. but what models and engine did it come on?


AFAIK only the JDM L18 had FI as an option. (VERY likely there are more)




i have an A87 w/ FI ports. id like to be able to assemble a mani like that to make use of it :mad:

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I have a w53 with no injector notches and my friends has them. His also came with a single center top mounting bolt hole since the injectors would go where the standard 2 bolts/studs would be. Supposedly the w53 was a peanut only but some one recently said they had an open one. I think they were l18 jdm only. No water ports on the ones I have seen. L18 also came with the a87 peanut and open.

The L16 had the 210 head. The only one with smaller valves. Has small intake ports like the w53 and a87. I think the l16 may have come with the a87 later on. Might be wrong.

The l20b first came with the u67. Open chamber only and no water ports. Used the "stove pipe" exhaust setup with the intake open on the bottom connected to the exhaust mani. Yuck. Then the w58 with the round exhaust ports with steel liners for emissions. Came as a peanut on a few. I have one. Also a N68 or something like that. Only saw one once.

There might be a few other things but this is what I know.

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The A87 came on the L16 and L18. I've heard folks say they came on L20Bs but I have never seen an original L20B/A87 combo- there was always signs that the engine or head or both had been replaced at some point. What I have seen is this:


210 head on a stock L16 1968-72 (US Market)

A87 (open) on '73 L16 and '73-74 L18 (US Market)

U67 on L20B 1975-77

N56/N58/W58 on L20B 78-80 (these are roundport smog heads)


For non-US market engines I've seen:


210 head on L13

219 head on L14

A87 (Closed) on L18T (twin carb JDM engine)

A87 and W53 Closed/EFI Ported heads on L18E (EFI JDM engine)

W53 (no EFI ports) on LATE L16 (late being 1979 or newer, the late L16 is visibly different from an early L16).


Head I have never seen: U60 (supposedly used on the very first L20Bs, possibly 1974 610)


Note that there are multiple versions of each head. The 210, A87, and W58 all came in both open and closed configurations. US Market heads are all supposed to be open, but I've seen closed W58s in places that didn't show signs of head replacement (usually a 200SX head). I've never seen a 210 closed head but have only heard about it. I've seen and have possession of both open and closed-chamber A87 and W58s.


Note 2: There are several versions of 210 heads: Early ones have 210 on the front by the inspection plate, all heads made from 1970ish-on have the casting on the side.


Note 3: 219 heads vary- not all have the 1.50" intake ports. I have one that has 1.375" ports. This was the stock L14 head used in Central/South American markets. The JDM 219 was used on the L16SSS and has the 1.50" ports.

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