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what color to paint the 620

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So I'm spray canning the truck and I'm not able to decide on a color. I have yellow right now but I really like a clean white so I was wondering what you guys like?

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i was going to go with a black and dark purple combo but thats just me lol. idk how white would look rattle canned

Kinda like rattle can yellow without the color.


What color is it now? I'd highly recommend against either option unless your truck is already white or yellow.


And for the sake of covering bases. Are you sure you don't want to just get real paint and borrow, or buy a cheap spray gun? It is far from cheap to buy enough paint in rattle cans, and after spending all that money, your paint has no durability. I just want to make sure your not just doing it cause its cheap. I've seen rattle can cars I've loved, but they were going for that look.


You can do shit like buy a compressor at Home Depot and return it after painting. Buy a paint gun on craigslist or new, either way not much money. And automotive paint, in any color you like. Now all you need is a respirator, and all the other stuff you already needed to prep for paint.


But my opinion on color is white. Yellow fades bad in UV, and draws tons of attention to the paint, which in this case is not generally a good thing. White hides a ton, and will be easiest to touch up. Plus 620's look good in it.



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Its going to take a lot of prep and primer to cover up a multi color job.

White is one of the easiest colors to spray bomb.


For what its worth I agree a cheap paint gun even if you are spraying a cheap paint is better. I did a beetle in rustoleum black about ten years ago with a harbor freight hvlp gun. Including the gun it cost less than the roof and trunk on the bmw I am in the process of rattle canning with duplicolor... 9 cans of paint and 8 cans of clear later...

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With patience and ok quality paint and good prep work you can do an acceptable job with a rattle can. Duplicolor has been choice for me for motorcycle tanks and bicycle frames. The bmw is the first car I have sprayed large panels with a rattle can. I have over estimated the spread, especially painting horizontal surfaces (roof and trunk) and am not extremely happy with it, but it will suit my needs. Take your time, especially with prep, and it should turn out ok. The cost for cans adds up quickly though, especially duplicolor at 8$ a can. (cheaper by the case on amazon and you will need a couple cases...)

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