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  1. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oaWfCTuVhH8 IDK how to post in video form Spermswamp YO! and i do kinda enjoy the circus sounds in the middle.....
  2. This truck is Beyond beautiful....very nice work man.
  3. called a l20b head? or is it A87? sorry its a dumb question im sure. Reason im asking is im looking for a new head for my l20b. found this post on craiglist. http://portland.craigslist.org/mlt/pts/4449434695.html
  4. my truck is all black with a dumb red racing stripe with flames the the PO did. i hate it.
  5. i was going to go with a black and dark purple combo but thats just me lol. idk how white would look rattle canned
  6. Good Looking truck already Bud..
  7. Nice that may just do it...also may just be my only hope lol.
  8. Unfortunately i am in my garage...thats all its coming down too now i think is finding how to not make a mess
  9. when i got the other block i was under the impression that it would be fixed. then when i put back together the same problem persisted. and yes its looking like im just going to have to just stick a hose down itjust have to find somewhere to do it at.
  10. ive checked the front cover n it looks just fine,but ill keep that in mind
  11. i want to see that seat your looking at Installed :)........cause i might steal it :rofl:
  12. Motor is still in truck, its been sitting for about 6 months since we parked it cause it got clogged.........SO it begins with me buying the truck like a year n half ago..had oil leaking into the water. checked if it was a gasket and the gasket appeared brand new and just fine aswell. so i dismissed that then decided to pull the motor out at this point thinking to redo the rings n pistens n regasket it. then i found a crack in the block n was hoping that was the problem so i decided to get a new block n do the rebuild on that. Then i got the head pressure tested n resurfaced n put it all
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