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Autometer gauge swap


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I'm looking into replacing the gauges in my Z with Autometer sport comp's. The small ones appear to be a 2 5/8 direct swap. But the speedo and tach are a bit shy of 5 inches. I see a few people using 5 inch gauges, but I'm wondering what has to be done to make it work.   

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For me, it's mostly based on my knowledge of Autometer, and my ignorance of Speedhut. Honestly I only heard about Speedhut a few weeks ago.


Mostly I'm looking to replace the tach. The experience I have had with tachs of lesser quality is needle bounce. To me, if the tach cant keep up with the revs, or bounces at all, it is worthless. Autometer and VDO have been pretty good to me in that respect, so I just stick with them.


My 5 inch autometer tach will be here Weds, so we shall see how it fits. 

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Speed Hut is nice but Auto Meter has been around for a lot longer.The Speed Hut's are customizable but the auto meter's is getting to be the same way,I am running all Auto in my truck with no problems,I also got a GPS controlled speedo and it works great.But Speed Hut is a Nice Product and I can say one thing the Tach's are very slim and that makes a lot easier to mount.

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