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  1. luseboy

    Pic's of your Z

    Quick video, not-quite finished car... [flash=5500,4510]
  2. So I'm not sure how to go about this but I'm curious if anyone knows him personally or if anyone has bought anything from him before. I ordered flares from him in May and was initially told 4-6 weeks before I would see them. After 6 weeks of not being contacted a single time, I messaged him asking what was up. Eventually he told me it would be another 4 weeks. Those 4 weeks have come and gone and what do you know? No contact from him. I'm really feeling like I'm gonna be ripped off but I'm curious if anyone else has dealt with him or not. The flares he makes have become fairly popular but only a few people seem to have them. Anyways, if anyone has any experiences with him, positive or negative let me know. Thanks
  3. luseboy

    Pic's of your Z

    Alright so I'm a little ways off from having this thing really drive-able and I feel a little silly posting pictures of my car when it's not even really all put together yet but it's getting there. I bought the car on my 18th birthday, and have been rebuilding it for the last 5 years. I drove it for the first time just last week. Only drove it maybe 100 feet but still. Fairly standard build: late model L28 (F54/P79), Holley 4 barrel, 280z 5 speed, and a whole lot of stupid shit. I don't think this car will ever be finished but I'm likely going to swap the motor for something newer in the next few years. Anyways, here's my heap.
  4. luseboy

    Autometer gauge swap

    The 5 inch gauge fills out the stock holes just fine. Some people have put the autometer innards into the stock Z gauge shells and made mounting a breeze. Otherwise you need to fab some brackets.
  5. luseboy

    Rolled Back Odometer?

    There's something fishy about this one. Judging from the second rust pic I'm going to assume it's been rear ended, that panel looks warped. Also it's very likely that the floor pans and frame rails have some rust damage. I bought a "clean title" "no accidents" "minimal rust" 240z shell when I was 18. Almost $700 in back fees, replacement of a lot of sheet metal and frame material, and finding that it had been crashed, I'm almost done with my restoration on it (2.5 years later). I have pretty much no hope that this car is what this guy says it is. Buy a 280z in California. If it's newer than 1975 it's not worth anything here, as you still have to get it smogged. Honestly the rust on that car from what the pictures show is gonna be pretty bad. Sitting for 16 years on the east coast is not a good mix for these thin steel cars. Beyond that, the pictures shown there already show some tough work, especially right below the quarter windows, that looks like cancer rust, and has probably done quite a number to the quarter panels, which are not easy to fix or replace. Walk away, it's really not worth it. The mileage sounds tempting, but it's a flat out scam. My car has "85,000" on it... try 185,000...
  6. Hate to be the bearer of bad news but once you poke around a little more and get some paint off you'll find that most of those rust spots are worse than they look. When I bought my car I could only see one little hole in the floor pans. After I got all the stupid tar crap off the floors, I found that there is roughly 2 square feet of cancer in the floors, and some of the holes went over the frame rails and cancer ate through those too. That said your rails look to be in good shape but you will have a fair bit of rust on your hands. Definitely do not quit your job. Though most Z parts are relatively cheap, you don't quite realize how many parts you have to buy haha. Good luck with your project. It looks gnarly now but once you get everything out and clean it up a bit you'll be stoked with how it looks.
  7. luseboy

    Worth it?

    This car is for sale near my apartment. http://sfbay.craigslist.org/nby/cto/3394488839.html . You'd be way better off getting that and having it shipped to you. My co-worker got a Toyota Land Cruiser off of ebay, and had it shipped to him from NY to CA for $900. The quarter panels of a Z are by far the hardest body part to fix, and you practically have to buy a second Z with good quarters to cannibalize. Just a heads up though, you better be prepared to fix a bunch of rust, datsuns are all rust buckets :)

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