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84 maxima sedan

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So i just traded my rusted out s14 for an 84 maxima and I'm trying to fix all of the small things wrong with it. does anyone know why the windshield wipers would be coming on when i go to crank it. they do it every other time i i turn the ignition switch.

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There are some electrical systems that are  powered around the ignition switch like the brake lights, interior lamps, clock, lighting etc. You don't need the key on to work them. Then there are some things like heater, radio, wipers... where the key must be on to send power to the fuse box to power them. During START these are usually momentarily disconnected during cranking and re enabled when the key returns to run or on.


You don't say if the wipers wipe once or keep wiping.  I assume once as the wiper switch would be off and the Maxima will have a variable pulse wiper.  If I had to guess I would say it's the variable pulse amplifier module.

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It looks very much like this fuel pump relay...



All it does is give a timed pulse to the wiper. Once in motion the wiper goes into park mode and stops and waits for the next timed pulse. The modules come in two types. Fixed delay... sometimes called 'mist', and variable with a resister in the wiper stalk on the steering column that can be turned to set the delay.


If the wiper is turned off... the only thing that can turn it on has to be a pulse from this amplifier. Possibly set off by using the ignition switch.



Dose the wiper start moving as soon as you hit start? or when the key returns to on???

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I know little about the Maxima and I bet datzenmike knows his stuff. But with that said I would beleive that the wiper and light switch are both on the steering column, that is where I would be looking first for your electrical gremlin. I would think I would be checking my grounds for the dash wiring harness also. Hope you find it, little bugs like that are irritating.

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