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I am wondering if anyone can identify this carb on my 69' 521 with a j15 engine, i am hoping to find a carb rebuild kit or if that doesnt work, interested in going with the weber 32/36 option but not sure if that can mount to the j15 without fabricating a plate. I cant seem to find any id numbers to pinpoint the model, there is a ltu sticker on it, and what i think is the hitatchi logo, any help with the id, or info on how to mount the weber would be much appreciated

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I think it is anti-dieseling solenoid has a little plunger inside that is suppose to stop dieseling but doesnt, also trying to figure out why when revved high sometimes gets stuck at the higher rpm for a little while, the linkage seems ok so i thought maybe the throttle plate was the problem, not being able to pinpoint problem lead me to complete rebuild or new dizz,

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Mike what is the red thing on the side of the carb? BCCD valve?

Not a BCCD as such. Probably a very primitive early application. It's a solenoid that lets air into the secondary side of the carb when...


The throttle is closed or idling. (note switch on back of carb)

The clutch is not being used.

The transmission is not in neutral.


This is the description for the '69 510 but I imagine the 521 is similar. It allows air in when decelerating to improve emissions.

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Thanks, Now i really want to make this carb work, but if it doesnt is it possible to hook up a weber to the j15 without fabricating parts, i saw one pic of one on a j15 on a thread but it did not explain how it was done, is there any direct hook ups or manufactured adapter plates for the j15?

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Depends on the bolt pattern on the intake. My guess is the Hitachi is the same as the L series bolt pattern so the weber adapter plates will work if so. Either way the two barrels will likely be way smaller and you should grind them out so it isn't restrictive. If the bolt pattern is different you will need to get a chunk of aluminum from a welding shop or scrap metal and make your own. Remove the intake studs and use bolts countersunk into the adapter to mount it on. The adapter will have studs sticking up to mount the weber. The barrels should line up as close as possible and grind away any bottleneck or obstructions. 


With time and patience, using a jig saw with fine metal cutting blade, a hand drill, (although a drill press would be easier) a wood rasp to shape the barrels, and a tap for threads. Measure twice cut once.

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Hi turns out the accelerator pump is putting out a weak stream of fuel, the rubber boot is also cracked, having a hard time finding these parts for the hitachi dcg-328,

 does anyone know i of an item number or possible source for these parts that will fit this carb, thanks.

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