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200sx ka24de swap

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I posted this on zilvia but I'm not getting anything 


So i've been looking through multiple forums and threads and have found many with similar problems to mine but not found an exact answer. emot-ughh.gif

After doing a tune up on my s12 two weeks ago (replaced oil and fuel filter, spark plugs and wires. ran fine all week), last weekendicon1.png i was out driving around for a few hours and parked for about 5min with the car on and idling. It randomly died after 5 minutes. I replaced the cap and rotor and it started right up, but half way home it died again while i was driving. I turned it back on and drove a few more feet, but it died again after the first time.


So far i checked for spark, since i can hear my fuel pump kicking on i'm assuming its working, but I'm not getting spark. I plan on checkingicon1.png the fuses as soon as i get a meter but from my situation does anyone think it will be a fuse or distributor?

P.S. my ka24de is from a 96 s14 with s13 ignition and distributoricon1.png,

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sooo I'm obviously not a professional mechanic, just an enthusiast like many of you. I had taken off some ground wires that i plugged back in when i got the car(they were taped up when i got the car so i bolted them in) because i thought maybe they were taped up for a reason by the previous owner. Car still didn't turn on, so i bolted them back up, took cap and rotor off and checked them along with spark plug wires, put everything back together then BAM!  car turns on  :poop: i don't know what it was but hopefully she doesn't do it again.

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The '84 won't have an H-165 diff.


Up to October of the '84 model year if the original motor was a CA18ET it will have a 4.11 R-200. If it was a CA20E then it would have had an H-190. Look on the engine tag behind and above the rear of the valve, cover up on the cowl under the hood. Original engine and differential installed will pe stamped there.


S12 with CA18ET



Bottom right RC41 is C200 4.11 ratio.


A CA20E will say something like HF37


After October '84 model year all rear ends were IRS with R-200 for the turbo (and later VG30) and R-180s for the CA20

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Says axle:HE37


That is the 3.7 ratio H190 live axle



HC - H165 (165mm diameter ring gear, 6.496 inch)

HD - H190 (190mm diameter ring gear, 7.480 inch) ALUMINUM CARRIER


HF - H190A revised for strength

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this is mine



Mine came with the ca20. So I take it the 87 se v6 differential is out of the question. I read about swapping s13 lsd internals or the differential itself would work with some modification. Just looking for a simple bolt on swap to sell the car.



So in terms of a direct bolt on what 300zx differential will do the job? Also ive read about a subaru lsd swap, how efficient is that?


You have a CA20E with an H-190 solid axle. No Z car made ever had that differential. Why are you replacing it?????? The H-190 will easily handle a KA. There's nothing to change here.


K.I.S.S. keep it simple stupid.

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You have a CA20E with an H-190 solid axle. No Z car made ever had that differential. Why are you replacing it?????? The H-190 will easily handle a KA. There's nothing to change here.


K.I.S.S. keep it simple stupid.

My differential snapped. It moves to an extent then gets stuck and has to be pushed. I've read that s13 diffs. Can be swapped with some modification but I wanted to know if there were any direct bolt on diffs. I'm ha ING trouble finding an h190 in my area.

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S13s were IRS. Their diff's would fit the later S12s with light mods. Not yours.


What is actually broke on yours?

I'm not too sure. I'm going to drop it this weekend hopefully, i have finals this week so it will have to wait until then. I've been on the hunt and doing whatever research i can. read that there are some 620's that offered the same diff in 1979 i believe.


Also for the solid rear axle s12 owners i found some useful threads for suspension and diff. setups 

newer thread: http://club-s12.org/retro4/index.php?topic=33508.0

older thread: http://club-s12.org/retro4/index.php?topic=21752.0

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if anyone is in Fairfield, CA and going to pick and pull i would really appreciate if you could check the 200sx that is there for me. Here's the info:

"Nissan 200SX 85 Row: 0013 Date: 04/22/2014"


looking for the model that has the ca20 because i need the h190 differential, thanks in advance.



okay i got some info on it here http://row52.com/Vehicle/Index/JN1PS24S7FW035188

but not sure if its the differential i need? 

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