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Heavy Duty Engine Oils? Who uses them in there 720?


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I was wondering if anyone was using HDEO (Heavy Duty Engine Oil) oil like Chevron Delo 400 or Rotella T in there 720? Curious if it helped out with seals, cleaning and noise, basically want to know if it helped with the overall running condition of the engine? Also how often do you change it?


I am personally using Chevron Delo 400 LE 15W40. But haven't really started driving my truck much til I get it registered by next week. Not to mention I had to fix a few things first.

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Guest Rick-rat

Not everyone knows what your acronyms mean, especially old farts like me, I don't text because I can't stand all the abbreviations


I went to a briefing at work that took 3 days. Most of the people that were there had been to these before and was pretty boring for them. they were throwing out acronyms, and I had no clue what they were talking aboot. At our first break I asked the guy in charge if he had a list of acronyms because I had no idea what they were trying to say. Once he gave me the list I was able to keep up, because it was my first time. I had to go to these lectures 3 times, after the first time  was able to sleep through the rest like the other experienced guys did

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Over the last 20-ish years there's been a switch to roller rocker cams that do not need as much anti scuff ZDDP in their oil formulas so it has been slowly dropping in content. The problem is our motors have not changed an need it so we have to look for alternatives that still have this higher level in them. These 'light' diesel oils seem to be the answer.

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