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521 coil

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hey guys i need some help,this is my first datsun and i forgot were this wires hook up to . it is the stock 1971 521 wireharness if anyone can help me that would be great!! there is a red/black wire and then there is  black/white and then theres a blue/white wire aslo




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where the stock coil?

why this coil?


You still running points????????? should have taken photos before pulling wires off


this is a pertronix Flame thrower 3ohm? or 1.5 ohm?


the big blk/wht wire will go to the ballast resisitor. You can tell by putting key to ON it will have 12volts.

the the connector that has 2 wires *under the center coil wire in 1st photo. the left side wire goes to the bottom side of the ballast the the lug with 2 wires goes to + side coil.


the rest there is a wire diagrame to finnish the rest. or just route a wire ffrom the main set of points to the - side coil



unless you know what your doing leave the stock coil in there. if you have a 3 ohm coil then you wouldnt need the ballast but might be harder to start compared to the stock set up

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That looks like an aftermarket ballast resistor. Like the old Dodge trucks had. I just got rid of one identical to it. You can buy a coil like you have for an electronic ignition for about 26 dollars. It makes a much stronger spark if you can find an EL dizzy distributor. 


Gotta be the number 1 over-all improvement you can do to the old Datsuns,

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