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oil light??


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So I've notice that when I first start my truck in mornings my oil light turns on and stays on for a while I would say for a good 10 -15 sec then goes away, it would do it before but would come off immediately and believe to be normal checked oil and is good  and haven't really done anything crazy just oil change couple weeks ago should I be worried of something not running well or could just be something simple any ideas?? 


Oh running rotella 15 40  wonder if that the issue ?

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Having an oil guage and light, I can tell you that during cold weather, the thicker oil takes time to move up the sump and gernerate pressure. Mine does the same thing. with 5w-30 its not so bad, but with 20w-50 it takes a loooooooooooooooooooong time to move.


When its warm, does it take a few seconds?



Thats your true litmus. A warn engine has low oil pressure when warm, not cold.

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