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  1. Wow! 185 bucks for distributor or about 200 for the icm huh how does that work??
  2. Thanks a whole lot will jump on it on my day off (tues) bright and early before it gets hot
  3. So looked for that plug and no luck I noticed that today when driving its started to just die and coil was hot and and wouldent start until it cooled down so im still stumped what it could be going on with it. Its just that its too dam hott to work in cars here in az weather 110+
  4. Ok so i been putting off this coil thing off for a while now so today i did some diggin in to it and it seems to be running off one coil again the intake one even tho im running power to the other coil by bridging them, there is power and evrything just no spark, swapped both coils and still no luck i un did the wiring harness. That goes to the coils and no fried wires at all or signs of , but truck runs and idles fine just a little sluggish in takeing off so now im a little lost and probably time to do some more diggin from distbuter to wires and fuses and connections yay sounds fun
  5. Omg i think im in love with that 320 where can i get one, cool truck real nice
  6. Dam thanks i found a pertty.clean pathfinder at junkyard was about to rip off some parts
  7. Do bumpers and marker lights and fender flars interchange
  8. So i took that 10 amp fuse out and it was blown So i put in all new fuses and there is still no power and all fuses have power to that coil so im stuck again could it be the ignition module the on that goes in distbuter that is fried ?? Or is there something else i should look for??
  9. Cool thanks i will check all the fuses i kind did that day but not all of them i think im just gonna replace all of them see what happens
  10. so I was working on my 720 4x4 over weekend getting it ready for emission testing and all of a sudden on of my coils decided not to work :confused: well more like not power to it I don't recall messing with any of that stuff it just started to idle rough but ran just sluggish and no power really so I decided to jump power over from the other coil and seem to run fine but I am sure that's not the correct fix I am wondering what went wrong or what should I look for?? oh and I still took it for testing and it passed :thumbup: :thumbup: so that's good its just that now that bothering me that I had to bridge the coils need help please thanks
  11. so I need to replace the steering lock key tumbler in the ignition switch I have no key I bought truck with no key its for my 85 720 4x4 is there a topic on this on here some where thanks
  12. it only leaks at start up for like a minute or two then it just stops and no leak after but the leak is fairly big as the picture shows so would this be the front main seal or could it be sumthing else
  13. So i been workingbon this truck and i seem to find a real bad leakblooks like is thefront main seal not sure tho how long usally takes to replace it?? I will post picture in a minute where it leakes from
  14. How do i turn the idle down on these carbs after tune up stuff still idles high like around 1100rpm and according to sticker under hood it should idle at 950 rpm any help would be nice
  15. so i pcked up this awd 720 for $600 it was not running owner said motor locked up but it wasnt starter was stuck in couple bangs with a hammer it started to crank :rofl: little bit of starter fluid and gas started right up :thumbup: does not over heat or anything shifts well and all so now im a little new to these 4x4 whats the goods whats the bads and how can we make it better i was going to sell it but it looks like the 4wd seems to work well need to take it out for some fun and see if its gonna worth it keeping it originally i was looking for a 4 cyl 4x4 and found it and got lucky it runs :thumbup: now to make it into a tree stump pulling beast big heavy duty hitch :confused: no real big body damge just la couple dings here and there well and tailgate little beat up :w00t: looks like owner serviced all diff and tranny oil and new cv shfts up front in 2011 acorrding to bills left in glove box it idles a little high like at 1200rpm but yet havent reall digged into it dash only reads 166k wonder if that is true?? and carpet is not ripped or really stained seats in tact i wonder if these are factory seats
  16. Messi720D

    oil light??

    So I've notice that when I first start my truck in mornings my oil light turns on and stays on for a while I would say for a good 10 -15 sec then goes away, it would do it before but would come off immediately and believe to be normal checked oil and is good and haven't really done anything crazy just oil change couple weeks ago should I be worried of something not running well or could just be something simple any ideas?? Oh running rotella 15 40 wonder if that the issue ?
  17. Messi720D

    about 300K miles

    so my 81 720 king cab is about to hit 300k I just want a little info sum stuff I plan to do a tune ups on and see if I can get any input on sum stuff thanks 1. oil for engine last time I used 10-40 but I was doing a little reading and people seem to use rotella 15 40 and I was thinking it would be better since I live in phx AZ in the city and summer is coming. 2. spark plugs? and wire set? last tune up I went with autolite and what ever the vatozone guy said gap I think not sure tho (.032) oh also on one of my ignition coils seen to get to hot could it be goin bad or is it bad truck seems to run good tho?? 3. oil filter and air filter? any better than other?? 4. planning to top off or replace tranny gear oil 5. also plan on fixing leak that axle is having and do new fluid and gasket or what ever requires?? what is the difficulty on this?? idk what else I could do nothing has really failed I just tend to get by cars ready for the summer and have no trouble with them:thumbup: any other suggestions ??
  18. %5BIMG%5Dhttp://i1307.photobucket.com/albums/s597/messi720D/P1020484_zps3735902e.jpg thanks and will try once again
  19. dam having trouble uploading pics http://i1307.photobucket.com/albums/s597/messi720D/P1020484_zps3735902e.jpg
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