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Possible 620 project.


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Well my first truck was a 74 620. I sold after 5 years and bought a 85 720 KC. Then my wife got an 85 also, we have had nothing but Nissans ever since....


Seriously thinking about builing a 620 or 720 for a daily driver and selling my heavily modified Pathfinder. I have a 70 mile commute at 70+mph. I dont want to but a car.


May even make one for my Son who is 13 now.


Here is my old 620 when  I sold it:



I had it lowered for a short time:





620s are rare here in TX. So I may do a 720 or another d21.


The truck will look stockish but have AC and modern EFI motor. Possibly a vg30 or ka24. Never owned a Nissan with the ka. All L or Z or VG,VK or VQ.


Logic tells me to buy another d21, but would love to do a 620. I could not weld or fab when I had my 620.


What should I do?

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Thanks, the 620 has the the best parts availability. I am still considering a 521, always wanted one. But I love King Cabs. Basically I am thinking about a 620 KC with KA24, AC, power steering (never had it in my 74) with air ride. 


Another option to keep it simple is using all the parts from one donor vehicle, a wd21 (88 -95 pathfinder). a vg30e (90-95), complete with frt and rear suspension and convert the rear to 3 link and all air ride. Done lots of 3 links up front never done air ride yet. Even try to use the Dash and all Nissan gauges. That would be the hardest part, getting a wider dash to fit.


Here is my current 92:



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Get a 620 that's already converted to Z24i fuel injected motor and has AC. 620 is smaller, better looking and rides smoother than 720.


Keep searching via Google. Might have to buy from California but it will be worth it.


Thats a great idea. We have lots of family in CA so that would be easy. I bought my first 6 Nissans in CA. Been thinking Oregon is where all the Datsuns are ending. 

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Took me a little while but they can be found in TX. Im in Dallas. Keep your eyes open for them on CL and theyll be there. 

I having been looking. I did see someone sell parts in Plano. I am in Allen (borders with Plano) so that was interesting. Logic tells me to buy another D21, already have all the modern stuff, like Injection, AC, Disc brakes I like. But this new 620 Hot wheel has got me thinking. Basically I need something more fuel efficient and they are so cool.

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