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Need a new part in the front bumper for my 72' 620


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Dont know the exact name to call this metal bit. attached an image of the part i need. would like to drive (within wa, maybe into idaho, or oregon....) to pick it up. i check my email regularly, that would be better than communicating through this forum, but i will reply here also...




Location: Edmonds, Wa




Interested in local offers only, cant afford pricy shipping..





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Front end core support. I did mine awhile back and just cut the spot welds and welded a new one on. Pretty easy, took me maybe 2 hours. Check Junkyards for good ones, Il keep my eye out

ok cool sounds easy enough. problem is that I don't weld or have any welding buddies :( I need to be able to yank the part from another truck, or buy it from someone than have it put on my truck..

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Mikeanike99 and I are brothers :P haha, we do but i already took that off it to put in on my truck...

Haha thats funny, must be nice having a helping hand. But anyways, danggg thats too bad... i need help :frantics:  i dont wanna pay some body shop to do it b/c itll be a steep price to pay! and besides the fact that they cant rip it out of the parts truck for me..

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Yeah paying people to do stuff sucks

i hear ya man... i would do this if i had the resources and knowledge... i try to do as much work on the truck on my own but this is over my head. if you guys are willing and capable to help me out maybe we could work something out since we aren't that far apart?

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