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Help cooosing Alternator


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 I have two that will bolt right up and prefer to use one of those due to less work,  Down the road I'll go back thru the thread and choose a quality upgrade. But for now I want to get my truck running around the block enough to break it in and see how it does,  Got the engine and tranny installed last night. I started raining so I hurriedly hooked the battery to the starter and used 1st gear to pull it a few feet into the basement,


Now that I'm inside I'm not in a big hurry but I]m gonna show you the two Nissan Alternators I have and ask If either has a built in Regulator. If so That's the one I'd like to use because I;m really unsure of my external regulator.  I will also show it.


By the way this is a 76 ( mostly) 620 pickup. Many will recognize me by the number of threads I've started recently,



I also know their are a couple of wiring changes to the external regulator hook-up. Maybe a link to that part of the job too?  Or if it's simple enough a brief description.


The larger of the two may have come off a different Nissan, like a 280 or 240....maybe a 200sx.  I think I purchased this when I realized I was having trouble with the voltage reg. 


At the same time, I can't remember my battery running down with the smaller of the two alternators when it was hooked up, but that's been a few years ago and the trips were very short.


1st my voltage reg........



Now my smallest alternator .....


And the one that may be off of a later model than 76......the center one...


Now it by itself....



So that's all three of them.  I'd have to change pulleys on the last one, I believe it;s a GM and has a serpentine belt.



Any advice.   I know I can always go with the smaller Hitachi although both bolt on and I have belts for both.  If I go with the smaller one I could probably tall if it's charging in less rim than it took to write all this shit up.


Thanks in advance for any help.



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The small one is stock 620. Plug & play. Get that truck up and running!



I wouldn't even ask the question if I were sure my voltage regulator were working.  That is the voltage regulator in the 1st picture I'm holding isn't it?



Well there is one sure fire easy way to tell.

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