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Will it fit?


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im looking to buy a set of new 16" steelies and am wondering if they will fit my 620. the measurements are offset 0 backspace 4.5" rim width 8"and 16 rim and i plan on lowering the truck with 4" blocks and putting on 205/50r16 tires on. Will any of this rub when i lower it?

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I cant help with anything fitting since I know jack about 620s, but a +0 rim and 4.5in of backspacing would make the rim 9J and not 8J. +0 means that the hub face is directly in the center of the rim width. If there is 4.5 behind the hub, then there is 4.5 in front of the hub. 4.5+4.5 = 9. 




Good luck on the hunt for the info. Im sure one of the many 620 guys will be in here soon. 

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It also depends on what year your tuck is.  '72 and '73 have a more narrow track.  I had to buy 1" spacers to run stock Chevy 16x7 steelies that have 4 7/8" backspacing.  I'm also currently running 215/60/16 on a stock ride height.  Without the spacers, the fronts rubbed when turning, and the rears wouldn't even mount to the hub.  

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Backspace is from the very inner edge to the wheel mounting surface (WMS).


negative (-) offset wheels have the WMS inboard of the wheel centerline. positive (+) offset wheels have the WMS outward of the wheel centerline.


The diagram below shows a negative (-) offset wheel.



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