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L Series Motor Mounts


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I'm building a 68 Datsun 510, and had a question.  The L-series that I'm putting in is well above the 90HP of the original L16.  I was curious if this would require better motor mounts than OEM equivalents.  If so, does anyone know where you can buy beefier L series motor mounts?


Thanks for the help!

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Would an increase in weight matter then?  A 1.6 liter versus a 2+ liter engine?


Here is what I'm looking at:



What generally concerns me (and maybe it shouldn't, and I should be happy and move on) is that these are so inexpensive versus upgraded motor mounts for installing like a KA (those seem to run like $100+).  It just seems odd that the motor mounts could be basically the same but the cost be so different.

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