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  1. TFM1066

    LZ23 question

    Your using a L-20b crank and rods, L-20b and z-22 cranks are different strokes. The only piston that make a true 2.3 is a custom one.
  2. TFM1066

    California smog trucks with Webber Carbs

    Call weber and see if they have a C.A.R.B number
  3. TFM1066

    o-ring headgasket 111044-u0825 for my l20b turbo motor

    That’s so old, even Nissan wouldn’t do that way today, throw the block away and get another one. There is no way you could be making enough compression to need that with flat top pistons.
  4. TFM1066

    Ka dohc head on l20b

    MAN!!!!!!!!!!!!...................you guys must be losing alot of sleep over this............OMG
  5. TFM1066

    Ka dohc head on l20b

    been using the toyota crank gear for years and its only like 8.00 bucks
  6. Just so everyone knows only a plug fuel filter will be full, the cleaner or newer the filter the more it appears to be empty
  7. TFM1066

    1977 zcar L28 6 cylinder low power, smoking

    check for any devise on the throttle linkage that could raise the idle "IE" A/C idle solinod etc, more throttle return spring?
  8. TFM1066

    1977 zcar L28 6 cylinder low power, smoking

    you would need to disconnect the steel fuel line going to the cold start valve, or remove it from the manifold and plug the hole in the intake, which ever is easyest for you, 60 PSI is to high, that is to much pressure, it should be @ 32-35 with the vaccum line hooked up and then go up @ 8-10 pound with the vaccum line disconnected. Make sure there is no fuel coming from the little vaccum nipple on the regulator. you could have a bad regulator or the wrong fuel pump supplying to much pressure or a pinched return line causing pressure to be to high, this need to be fixed first, dont worry about checking the cold start system or anything else until you get the pressure down.
  9. TFM1066

    1977 zcar L28 6 cylinder low power, smoking

    It could be the cold start valve, or the cold start timer staying on to long or stuck open. the timer is located in the T-stat housing, and the cold start valve (injector) is on top of the manifold pretty much behind the throttle valve it will have a steel fuel line going to it. The cold start system is basicaly the "choke" for EFI. Checking the PCV system good but more then likely not the problem, check the rubber hose coming from the metal tube out of the block to the pcv valve, this should be rotten and collasped on itself. also clean the throttle plate and body (itake manifold) with carb clean and a small wire brush. You really need to find a mechanic who knows L-jetronic fuel injection, other wise your more then likey going to spin your wheel and waste a lot of money. But I will say the best thing you can do is clean all your eletrical connection and then put a little die-eletric grease on them (within the fuel injection wiring harness, and do not forget the grounds.......very important........... and often over looked. This has been the main reason for poor running Z.
  10. TFM1066

    L Series Motor Mounts

    Datsun 510 mount are NLA, anywhere (new), use use the truck mounts
  11. TFM1066

    1977 zcar L28 6 cylinder low power, smoking

    Sounds like a leaky injector on cyl #1. This is why the sparkplug is wet but evaporates, The injector fouls the spark plug due to too much fuel then the raw fuel wipes the rings outs which equals the problems your having.
  12. TFM1066

    A15 Burning Oil- havin a shop do the work..

    I never said theres anything wrong with the "A" motor compression check means nothing, do a leak down test, thats the only way to till if a motors any good. I love this place its so FUN.............
  13. TFM1066

    A15 Burning Oil- havin a shop do the work..

    You really need to think about this, any running motor is going to be in the same shape as yours or worse. Its not like theres a 2010 datsun 210 with 44,000 miles on it. I would assume that all "yard" motors are going to have +200,000 miles on them, better off rebuilding what you have.
  14. TFM1066

    Urgent assistance required!!!

    There is never enough 02 in a gas tank to cause combustion
  15. TFM1066

    Urgent assistance required!!!

    They are also the ground side of the circuit, sounds like you were testing wrong.

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