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What is this datsun truck


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If you want one, We have a member here trying to sell one:







Here is his explanation on it:


In June 2013 i decided to move back home from Australia to New Jersey where i am originally from. Since 2009 I had owned this 1200 ute in Australia and built and drove it as my daily drive. Full build story is on datsun1200.com. Late in the build I decided to make my ute into a General Lee to kind of show off the fact that I was a foreign national in Australia and get some laughs from people there, they have a good sense of humor. It was never my original intention but the orange I resprayed it resembled the 70s Dodge charger quite well. I actually had plans to get the General Lee lettering in Japanese and put it over the doors. But the 01 stickers and the musical air horn was as far as I got before moving onto another 1200 ute project which was going to be more for performance. (Also current build page on datsun1200.com)

I lost my job in oz in June 2013 and had to sell pretty much all that my wife and I owned to move back to the States. We decided to keep some household belongings and investigated shipping them overseas via an international courier. I had to hire a shipping container and at that point I decided to keep my current project build 1200 (too much money invested) and ship it back with my belongings. During the process the courier, an avid Datsun enthusiast (won an aussie rally champ in a 510 SSS) and I started talking about the General Lee. As I was having trouble selling it in Australia we decided to ship the General over to the states as well and struck a deal on shipping. That is why it is located in Battleground, Washington. It is one place they ship to. Only through my relocation from Australia to the USA was I able to bring both of them over. One to keep, one to sell. That is why some of you are confused.

In January this year I decided to move back to Australia as things were not working out for me in the USA as my wife is waiting for her green card to get approved and we were already apart since June. That is why I am back in Australia. With the government shut down and Obama's new legistration on immigrant children there is a massive delay in marriage visa processing.

Hope that clears things. The man I hired to sell the General Lee is named Lawrence as well. My name is Jeff.

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