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Nismo Fiesta 2014 is coming around again!

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Here is the layout for the days of Nismo Fiesta (April 25-27th)


Day 1 - April 25th

- Host hotel early check-in opens at 3pm

- Mad Mike Dinner starts at 8pm

- Nismo Fiesta Mixer starts at 10pm


Day 2 - April 26th

- Track day at Harris Hill begins at 8am

- Drivers meeting at 9am

- Dyno to begin at 10am

- San Marcos Hill Country Cruise begins at 10am

- Lunch at 12pm at Harris Hill presented by 3 food trucks

- Lunch for the Hill Country Cruise will be around 12-1pm depending travel time.

- Hill Country Cruise to finish at Harris Hill at 3pm to start parade laps.

- At 4pm the Harris Hill Track day ends.

- At 8pm, the Official Nismo Fiesta Party Night will start.



Day 3 - April 27th

- Car Show doors open at 9am.

- Nismo Fiesta Store opens at 10am.

- Car Show judging from 10am to 12pm.

- Dyno and other events run throughout the day, ending at 3pm.

- Nismo Fiesta Store closes at 3pm.

- Award ceremonies begin at 3pm and end at 4pm.





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I just found out about this via Craigslist.  I wonder if I'd be the only one there in a beat up 710 goon.  No way in hell I'd be able to get the truck running by then, but it might be cool if I tried.


note to self:

 I've got to get me some Ratsun Stickers before April.

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I'm bumping this one just cause it's coming up soon and presale ticket #s are getting low.


I already know several Ratsuners are going to be there.  I just got all registered.  The Hotel is sold out, but it was expensive as fuck anyways.  I got a room at the Econo lodge 3 miles away.


I tried to find camping nearby so I could stay in the goon, but everything close is RV only unless you don't mind truck stops.


Let's make a showing for Ratsun!  You know there are gonna be a ton of $50,000+ cars there.  I'm bringing my -$500 car! It'll be a blast.

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"Mad Mike dinner starts at 8pm"


Would that be Mad Mike from the DFW area? If so, wow, that guy was a customer of mine when I worked a Nissan dealer in Irving. Cool dude.

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"Mad Mike dinner starts at 8pm"


Would that be Mad Mike from the DFW area? If so, wow, that guy was a customer of mine when I worked a Nissan dealer in Irving. Cool dude.

Yes, the sane mad Mike that went to Japan when he heard there would be no more Z cars and was a major factor in the 350z coming to market.

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You should definitely plan on it. I've had a blast. There's a serious plan in the works ti get more ratsun here next year. My goon has gotten quite a bit of attention. Milo and I are gonna talk more tomorrow about setting up a ratsun section next year.

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I got just a few photos.  I spent more time talking and meeting people than anything, but here are some highlights that I grabbed with my shitty cell phone camera.  






This one is Mad Mike Taylor's car.  Prototype 350z






This guy tried to hide in the parking lot instead of parking in the show.



This one is a member here.  I can't remember his screen name for sure, but I think its 69srl311.  I have such a hard time with screen names with numbers.



This car should be in razor advertisements.  Shaved everything.




That's pretty much all I got on my phone minus some vanity shots of the goon.  I'll get my friend that was with me to upload his pics.  He got a lot more than I did.


I'm pretty serious about trying to get a big Ratsun turnout to this next year.  I'd like to see Datsuns there outnumber the 350z and 370z.  I think the location is Central enough to get the Southern guys and the Southwest group in the same place.  There is plenty of respect for the old Datsuns there.  There is music, a fun run ,a track day, and a show.  The autocross was only $5 and it was pay at the gate. The venue was large enough that there's room for a lot more cars next year.  


Tons of people asked me about my wagon, and what that symbol on the back was.  If I got respect for my old beater wagon, imagine what they'd think if we could put 50 Ratsun rides in next year's show.



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Thanks for the pics.  I looked to see how far it is to San Marcos, would probably be a 2  day trip but I think it would be worth it.  That S10 in the parking lot is badass

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