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Pedal Boxes


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I'm on the hunt for a way to clean up the engine bay, but also to upgrade my master cylinders and hopefully have the ability to control brake bias . Ive seen a few triple master kits (2 for brakes, 1 for clutch) but a lot of them look like they might have been cheaply made. Looking for a full box assembly with the clutch, brake and accelerator pedals. Fill bottles either remote or above the assembly. Anyone had any experience with these?

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Haha, I feel ya. Honestly I would see if any speed shops near you can make a pedal box. A lot of times that is cheaper and you can make design changes to fit your personal preference.


Sadly I'm not over buying expensive parts yet. Maybe once it's back on the road it'll hurt less.

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sadly there are no speed shops around here that I have heard any good word from. As much as I'd love a custom one off set off pedals... Ive got plenty of other crap going on to keep me busy haha. I still need a set of zg flares... and those bastards are like $300

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Yea, PMD is another company, but no idea on their prices. They have a unique desing but I'm not fond of them because of the single MC desing for more of their brake pedals. They have a few duals, but not in a set with the clutch (besides the wilwoods).



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