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I've searched. Bench Options?


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I installed some "racing" seats in a customers 2007 350z about 6 months ago, and bought their factory buckets for $50.  The plan at the time was to make waiting room chairs but since I scored this Datsun I think my plan has changed.  I have a welder, and know enough to get myself into trouble so I'm going that route.


I took a picture when I was sizing them up.  I removed the risers and all the mounting hardware from the rails of the 350z seats when I installed their new ones, but the adjuster rails are still there.  The 720 seat rails are 15" on center, and the 350z seat rails are 17.5"  The 350z seats also need to be lifted a few inches so the bottoms will fall at about the same hight as the factory ones...   Its not quite a "piece of cake" but after looking it over it shouldn't get too crazy!




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How about this for an idea? A 87-97 Nissan Hardbody or 98-04 Frontier bench seat? Would it fit without a lot of modifications? Because 720 and 620 trucks are scarce in junkyards, and junkyards aren't like Autozone or Walmart, I can't return it if it doesn't fit!


My 80 720 seat is busted badly on the driver side, I am sitting on an old lumpy throw pillow on top of half the seat, it's awful. But I want to keep a bench seat, as sometimes my wife AND daughter ride in the truck too

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