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ka oil pump


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ive read on here in a few threads that a ka oil pump is the same as an l series just higher pressure but the question is this is it from a ka24e or ka24de? is it a good swap to put on an L20B? ive tried searching but got nothing difinitive

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Not necessarily higher pressure, but much higher volume. The internal rotors are 14% longer than stock. My 300,000km L20B had a hot idle pressure of about 17 lbs. No other changes but a hi-vol pump this pressure rose to 29lbs.!!!




The running pressure is what ever the relief valve is set for.. about 50-55 lbs but you can shim the internal spring for more but use caution. I have had a relief valve stick on a stock L16, and the pressure rose high enough to blow the oil filter apart! Use small washers and use a gage. This can be done without removing the pump. For a stocker, not really needed.


Only RWD KA motors the FWD have an internal oil pump. Don't know about the DE but I doubt they will work.


This is an excellent up grade and will give more oil at higher pressure at the lower RPMs. Great for older motors with lots of bearing wear. As I said the running pressure is about the same 50 ish.


Another source is the Z24i TBI throttle body injection used in the D21 Hardbodies. These also use the hi-vol pimps. A good used hi-vol will easily out perform a new stock pump. The only problem with finding one is you can't tell from the outside if it's a hi-vol unit or if it's been replaced with a reg pump. You have to remove it and look down into the oil inlet hole. The reg pump's rotors are far down inside and hard to see, the hi-vol are taller and easily seen. This is also good to know if you buy a new hi-vol pump. You can hand it back if they give you the wrong one... and they would be easy to mix up. Here's what to look for when inspecting a possible hi-vol oil pump:



Reg oil pump. The top of the rotor is way down inside. May be able to touch it with your little finger.



Here is the hi-vol. The rotor top is easily visible.


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so is this somthing i should invest in for my L20B? its bone stock and has to stay that way for a while would it help the motor at all or would it just be a higher pressure and not really do anything im curious cause i wanna make sure it will last i dont wanna have a blown motor any time soon :P

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I wouldn't buy a new one for a good stock motor. It won't improve anything, but it is good insurance. I would keep my eyes open around any junk yards or junked KA24E or Z24i motors. $10 would be a good price, no more than $20. Hell I've bought whole motors for $30, got 6 bolt 200mm flywheel, matchbox, crank, 152.5mm rods (Z20E) and pistons, and complete 200sx EFI. Left the bare block and walked out. Just keep your eyes open for deals. And they thought I was getting fucked.:lol:

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