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water pump shaft wobble


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ok so im not like 100% positive on this or nothin.. but i been fuckin with my truck lately, today i was adjustin the carb and dizzy.. not that they needed it really but ah what the hell i was bored.. anyways at low idle (600rpms or so) i here this like clicky ticky sound commin from front of engine near the fan somewhere.. well i shut the truck off an grab the fan an an i can see th e pully slightly move, now im not sure if maybe the fan pully is loose or something which i doubt but does anyone think maybe i should replace the water pump?? its hella old..

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If it's not a clutch fan, check the pulley/fan bolts and tighten, if the pulley/fan bolts are tight then the water pump bearing has play in it. Get a mirror and look on the under side of the pump, you'll see a small hole. Does it look like any coolant has leaked out. If wet or has a mark caused by leakage I'd order a new one and in due course... change it.


If a clutch fan, the pulley is pressed on so can't be tightened. If the clutch wobbles it could be the bearing inside it, or, if it's the shaft that's wobbling do the same as above.

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its a regular fan, i went an tightend it but theres still "play" not much but if this thing isnt suppose to move at all then ya its gettin worn, an my play i mean the shaft moves in an out towords the radiator.. only a tiny tiny bit tho.. anyway so ya i will prolly be replacin that soon

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