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wtb 72 2dr driveshaft

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driving up a hill the other day my whole drive shaft snapped off, scared the hell out of me... and the asian lady behind me.



anyways, it got all sorts of bent up.. and i need a new one.



If anyone in the seattle area has one for cheap, send me a PM or email me at jessenames@gmail.com





This is for a 72 2 dr datsun 510.

sorry i forgot to throw that into the title.

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I talked to the previous owner (since im new to the 510 scene) he said he thinks its a stock driveshaft but shortened by 2 inches because the motor in it is a CA20e.


it didnt break at the U joint, the bolts just rattled out or something, broke out swung around and got all bent up, even snapped my rear brake line=p.


sorry heinz, i planned on calling you but i havent really been mobile since this, been driving my parents car around haha.

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