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INNER wheel rub on a dumped 620?


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So I recently re-indexed my torsion bars and was dealing with a bit of fender rub. I busted out an old table leg (because I have no baseball bat) and proceeded to flare my fender, believing that would fix the problem. But, not quite.

I've seen a lot of super DUMPED 620's on here (many running wider rims than stock) and this brings me to the question of what to do about INNER fender well rubbing?

My wheels no longer touch the outside fenders, but under hard turns they do seem to scrape the inside of the fenders.

Is this something that can be fixed with a hammer or other clever "wheel flaring" technique?

Wheel spacers?

Don't make hard turns?


How do I handle this problem?



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not 1, not 2, but 3 cuts...




inner fenders might have to go. might have to angle the clutch master up. might have to hit it with a hammer.


this is mine right now..




you can see its pretty close.. i have about 1.5-2in of suspension travel and have clearanced according to that.



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Farmer Joe-

Your truck was the truck that was in my minds eye actually,  ('cause it's so freakin' COOL, love the spotlight!).



Tubbing FRONT fenders on a RWD vehicle almost gives me the giggles... but not as much as tubbing them on a FWD vehicle :rofl:

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good giggle or bad giggle? love or hate thing?


if youre running a lot of power

and/or have a lot of steering angle

and/or just wanna run large wheels all the way around


you gonna have to tub your front fenders to clear shit...


well maybe not 'have to' because you could always JUST bang/cut the stock ones out....



and now for some S chassic porn






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That shut me up! That looks hella cool!


Laughter is always positive for me. So I get giggles because when I think "tubbed" I think "dragster meats", not "I-like-my-turning-radius", and drag racing FWD cars seems a bit silly to me...,  

("So wait, when I lose traction control I also lose steering control? Where do I sign up?" lol)

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turning radius is an issue when its this low.


the gmc 17s are kinda skinny, and dont have alot of offset. i stuff the tires into the firewall anytime a do a quick tight turn.


again, since the wheels are offset i dont get alot of rubbing on the actual fender arch.


im gonna be doin some 15x10s in it here soon.. well see how that goes.

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