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1973 620 running rough

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this is kinda weird. I bought a 73 620 truck all stock,

when I crank it it sounds like choke is stuck or ignition is off. it skips but runs. but if I push the truck off it runs like a new one. has to have some thing to do with ignition or starter. like I said if I use the starter to crank it.runs like crap. but if I push it off and jump start it . it runs smooth as a kitten.any ideas where to start would be appreciated. I bought it this way. thanks


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I would start with checking the ignition timing. Too advanced it will push back against the starter. Too retarded and not enough power to get above cranking speed.


Next check the valve lash. Too tight a valve can lower the intake vacuum or cause a carb back fire.


Then check you points gap and wear. Clean, set or replace them.

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just wanted to follow up. let you guys know I did the electronic matchbox distributor swap and now my problem as disappeared and im very happy with how much better the engine idles and now throttle response seems to be much better too. thanks for the responses RATSUN RULES and may datsuns live forever!

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