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road trip in the 720


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I asked if I was going too slow when he first came to the window, but he said that it's the license plate location. The original bumper from the dealership blocks part of the license plate, which is in the original license plate holder.


I have heard of places like that, where the cops claim stuff like that to write a ticket.

I have deserved most the tickets that I have received, but the ones I did not deserve, I fought, one time a long time ago, I got a ticket for 51mph in a 25mph zone, fact is it was a school zone also, so I had to appear because I more than doubled the speed limit, so I went in on the required date, talked with the judge, told him my lame excuse, and took my punishment, when I got up out of the chair and started to leave, he asked me about a ticket I had not paid, I looked at him and said that I came in here today because I was caught breaking the law(speeding), and I deserved it, but I did not deserve that ticket, that cop stopped me because I was on a motorcycle(chopper), and was wearing a jacket that looked like colors(gypsy joker/hells angel) I just told the judge that I did not deserve that ticket, told him the whole story which it is quite long( that cop asked me if I could out run a bullet at one point), and I was not going to pay that ticket, and I walked out.

When it came time to renew my license, I went in and figured it was going to be a big hassle, them telling me that I would have to take care of this said ticket before I could renew my license, well they gave me my renewal without hesitation, I was amazed, I could hardly believe it, that judge had thrown out that ticket.

BTW, I must have been out of my mind that night I was stopped on my motorcycle, I talked to that cop like he was nothing in my eyes after he told me why he stopped me, I had cocaine on me when I was stopped. 

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No, in hind sight I would call it stupid, but that is in the past(30+ years ago), and I don't do things like that anymore, fact is I am lucky to be alive with some of the shit I have done.

I suppose that being aggressive that night was a survival thing, if I acted like they had no business stopping me in the first place, then they would just write the ticket and leave, arresting someone is a lot of paperwork, especially for stopping someone without cause.

That guy tailgated me in his cop car for a mile, I was about to floor it when he turned the blue lights on, when I told him that I was about to leave him eating dust, he asked me if I could out run a bullet, I laughed in his face, that was when he started looking for something to write a ticket for, all he came up with was a balding tire, and they left.

I got stopped a lot on that motorcycle, I remember one day I was stopped for the 3rd time after leaving the local Harley shop, they always had some bullshit excuse for stopping me, the last time I got in the guys face and asked if he was watching that shop or something, because I was tired of being stopped everytime I left the place, he slammed his little ticket book shut, looked me directly in the eye, and said to remember him, well about a week after I picked up my aftermarket frame from the place, it got busted for cocaine distribution, so they were watching the place, but I wasn't buying drugs, and they never came looking for me.

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