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L6 head tools 4 adjusting ?


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Was wondering can any one confirm this for me are the wrenches needed to adjust the L6 E88 head 14mm and 17mm , tried searching google but do not know how to word the question right to get any answers on wrench sizes , Looked in all my Z books the only one that gave me these tool sizes was the old red Clymer Datsun 240-280Z shop manual this was the only one that had any wrench sizes info..

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You are going to need a whole set of metric wrenches if you own a Datsun. The most commonly used are the 12, 13 14 and 17mm also 8mm,10mm for small things... above 19mm is for heavy mechanical parts. Usually cheaper to buy a set.


Get a reputable name like Craftsman that have a lifetime guarantee. Do not buy cheap junk that bend or break possibly causing injury.

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Found this 16mm that was found on the road its does not fit the lock nut so i am betting the Clymer manual info is 100% and be ordering some wrenches off ebay or amazon craigslist the price hunting war is on. Thanks for the link.

lol, this is so funny to me!

even though i would (and have) pick(ed) up any tools i come across.

just today i found a set of pliers at the junkyard. i always find tools at the yard. last weekend it was a long CM screw driver. time before that was

another screw driver.

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Going need to go to a junk yard and start hunting for some freebies , I have medium size craftsman tool set but keep finding my self needing more and different sizes of wrenches and sockets all the time , Here are the wrenches i ended up buying might have made a mistake getting them but two wrenches with the right size and that price was a steal.  http://www.ebay.com/itm/390634902835?ssPageName=STRK:MEWNX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1497.l2649 

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Buy tools as needed and over time it will add up. Do not buy just because it is cheap.


Years ago was working at the end of a military air base runway, and there in the grass was a crescent wrench painted red. They paint them red so they are easy to find when cleaning up after a repair or maintenance job. Just like an operating theater all the surgeon's tools are counted and accounted for. If not, the plane is torn down looking for the missing tool. It obviously fell from a plane taking off. I still have it somewhere.

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