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Truck doesn't want to die

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I am having an unusual issue with my 620. Occasionally (but not all the time) when I kill the ignition with my key the truck will start to sputtering and not die. I've found the only way to remedy this is put it into 1st gear and kick the clutch pedal out. 


Any idea what this could be? I'm not sure if it's carb, electric or misc. related. 

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You should finish filling out your profile and include the year of 620 you have. Most have an anti dieseling solenoid also known as the idle cut solenoid. It shuts of fuel to the idle circuit to prevent what you are describing.



Other causes are...


Too low an octane gas.

Idle set too high (because idle cut not working)

Too hot a heat range spark plugs.

Carb running too rich... choke stuck on?

Engine running too hot

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Good point, just updated it. Here are some other things about the truck:


- Weber carb

- Electronic ignition conversion (I believe, looks like it)


Any of these could be the cause of the issue. I'll have to do a bit more research. I'm also going to take an engine bay picture tomorrow but the wire job looks pretty sloppy. 


As far as I know, the octane is fine (filled with 93) but it's been sitting for awhile. I just put fresh gas and fuel cleaner after I picked it up from the previous owner on Monday. Idle could be set too high, the throttle cable is slightly loose even though I have it about as tight as it can go and might've adjusted the idle too high as a result. I replaced the spark plugs when I bought the car and they were pre-gapped to factory spec (I also checked them to confirm). I am having a little white smoke from the exhaust so it could be running too rich? And I haven't seen the temp gauge go past half.


Hopefully that can help narrow down some options. 

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Won't be the ignition but likely the weber doesn't have the idle cut solenoid. Not likely fixable as this is normal for what you have. I just lift the clutch lightly (don't lift too suddenly) in gear with the brake on and kill the ignition. The load stalls the motor. With a little practice you can do this and no one will feel or notice a thing.

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Check your timing, if its too advanced it will diesel, also make sure the idle speed isnt too high because its like having the gas pedal depressed when you shut it off and make sure to get your fuel mix correct, for me the quickest way was to turn the screw till i hear it rev up, and turn it till it makes no difference then back it off a bit, from the smell of my carb i would think its getting plenty of gas now.


best to make sure the engine is warm for all 3 of those

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