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1969 Datsun 510

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I have been lurking here on the forum for about five years and have been considering buying a 510 for about just as long. I have been casually looking locally and have not been able to find anything till today. I was wonder what a good price would be for the 510 I am looking at, I will have pictures included. 



1969 510

-original manual car

-no motor or trans, basically a roller.

-has many new parts (brake master, clutch master)

-disc brakes up front with rebuilt calipers

-new suspension bushings all around

-new shocks

-Subaru rear end

-Body in good shape appears to be straight and rust free


I am just not to familiar with the prices for a roller these days any help is greatly appreciated.


Link to photobucket pictures below



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@ TristinGrind Where are you located?

Near Seattle. I dont have an issue shipping if need be.


How much do you think that car is worth then?


Id offer him $1000 and see if he takes it. If not, I wouldnt be complaining if you had to pay list price though... looks solid, mostly complete, and with a few new parts.

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I got another line on a 510 finally. Seems pretty complete and he is asking $4000. I think it is probably worth that much, and I am going to look at it again is there anything I should double check that you can see from the pictures?


It hasn't ran in about 9 months which is no big deal to me. He did a home paint job several years back and it looks ok, there is some overspray.




Just looking to get a solid car and my brother in law found this for me up in Idaho.

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