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Looking for a fuel pump for a 1978 B210

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Hey all, I've got a 1978 B210 with the original A14 engine and stock carb. The PO put in an electronic fuel pump (and did a shoddy job of it I might add) - problem is it's pumping fuel at 7 PSI when it should be around 2. I'd like to go back to the original mechanical fuel pump, but I'm having trouble finding one specifically for the 1978 B210. Now I don't know much about fuel pumps. Are they specific to the vehicle? The engine? The carburetor? Will a number of "different" fuel pumps work?


I've found a few on ebay, but again, I'm not quite sure what I'm looking for.


Steer me in the right direction, fellas? TIA! :D

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All A14 fuel pumps are the same, A12 has a shorter arm. Try to get an original Japanese one if possible. You can also just run a fuel regulator off the electric pump to bring the pressure down .

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