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Seeking long lost 1971 Datsun 510

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Looking for our old high-school ride. Details:


1971 Datsun 510 4-door Sedan

Butterscotch orange (I remember calling it "baby-poop orange"...sorry)

Sold in Vancouver, WA in 1997

The rear door handles were sealed off on the outside.



So I admit it, I thought the car was ugly. But I was 19 and needed something "safe" for the new baby, so I made him sell it. Now I am a bit older and have been thoroughly educated on the "safeness" of a Datsun 510 among other incredible features of this car.


So I am attempting to find my husband's old high school car for his 30th birthday. I have 15 months to track it down. OR FIND A SIMILAR ONE. And all at an affordable price! I appreciate any help you can offer.


We are Vancouver, WA natives currently stationed at Marine Corps Base Quantico, VA. I will travel to pick up this car! I must make amends on this one. :)

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No luck on tracking down the VIN so far, we don't have any of our old records.


I'm thrilled to have such a great response from other 510 owners and do appreciate any leads you can offer. I am very willing to take a similar car. The items I am firm on are:


Body style similar to the 71. (I think 68-73 are all the same).

Must be 4 door sedan.

In decent condition. I need it to be immediately drivable. Small items, some interior work and paint can all be done later.


Of course if you can find me the right 71, in good condition, Butterscotch orange and at a fair price, I'll throw in a finder's fee thank you!

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I know of a car exactly as you mentioned. Do you have any more details? The car I know of has rear shaved handles and is butter scotch. I will find out as soon as possible the year and if he shaved the door handles.

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i think the car is black now and around the woodland area a guy named Kevin had it i think saw him at a gas station one morning. Then it went on craigslist . I think his name was Kevin Ponder. I have a butterscotch 4dr 510.Sorry not for sale.But eveyone has a price?;)

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I have an unmodified (faded) red automatic 4-door with a vinyl top and around 80k original miles. There's no play in the steering column, no sag in the doors, and the trunk still has a nice pop in it. The dash is still pristine, but the seats, door panels and such are worn and faded. The floorboards are rust-free, as is most of the car as far as I can tell, except in a small area around the rear wheel wells, where it's rusted through. It doesn't run, but it's our suspicion that all it needs is some carburetor love. The guy I bought it from wasn't a Datsun fellow, and he had the engine rebuilt shortly before he gave up on it. Anyway, I'm not sure it's what you're looking for, or whether I even want to sell it, but I figured it wouldn't hurt put out there in case.

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