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why a datsun can get you in trouble.....

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This is a story of a young idiot(my father), his dad, and a 1974 datsun 620 2wd


My dad grew up in missouri and his family owned a huge field with a little swamp in the middle.  The 74 620 was a farm rig and my dad used it for a little fun in the mud on occasion.  He told his dad he was going to take it in the field and his dad said "thats alright son but dont take it through that swamp around this season, you will be up past your axles going no where"

My dad being the young and dumb teenager he was decided to ride the edges of the swamp and did fine, then he decided "hell, if i can ride these edges lets see what the middles like."  high RPMs,low I.Q.   

we know what happens next, 2wd can only get you so far in missouri mud.  bet money my dad was  scared shitless from the trouble he was gonna be in.

he walks inside and tells his dad that he had got the good ol 620 stuck. His dad didnt say a word. He walks outside and grabs a chain and his ford 9n tractor.  He hooks up to that 620 and pulls a little hard with no luck,  then decides "when  in doubt, throttle out"  and the tractor starts screamin, mud flying everywhere, my dad thinks this is the coolest thing.  He drives the datsun back up and goes and says thank you to his dad.......The respond he got wasnt a "your welcome" ......


His dad hands him a shovel and says "that tractor does pretty well,  lets see how well you can fill in ruts."


Not a single yell came from his dads mouth.

My dad dug those ruts for hours.


moral of the story.........there is none.... my dads just not all there :rofl:  



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Hahaha i actually enjoyed this story due to the fact that me and my buddy just last summer were in his fathers orchard field and we decided to drift his 2 person quad utility truck (whatever theyre called) around the property.. found some muddy spots that looked tempting, went for it got stuck freaked out and ended up getting our feet 3 feet sunk in the mud to push the bastard out, and after that we knew we were screwed if his dad saw the mess we made so we ended up cleaning it up ourselves before the old man blew a head gasket on us lol about an hour later we finished the ruts, but he figured out what we did since we forgot to wash the damn quad and it was no longer "just washed the day before" moral of that story as much as i hate word... was YOLO!

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