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anyone 'do' stronger hood hinges?


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as we all know, our hood hinges are weak from the get go, 

add 40 or so years to the equation and they arent lookin any better.


add the fact that i didnt close my hood all the way, got on a street &

had my hood fly open & fold over backwards and probably distort the hood hinges....


anyways, has anyone done a diy/self improvement of their hood hinges?

reinforced the mounting and hinges themselves?

or install one of the universal type kits that are out there?


also, i was lookin into piecing together hood struts/dampers.


if all this cold be done in a single package that would be the shit.


here are some examples ive found.




to me, the problem with these kits are that theyre
1, too expensive

2, too bulky/ we wouldnt have enough room to run em

3, are too strong OR i just cant think of where to mount them without distorting the thin, existing stock metal.


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Idk any datsun at all with bolt on aftermarket hinges. You can just copy the stock hinge but in 1/8" flat stock instead of the stock stamped (like >1/16th?) steel. No point re-inventing the wheel. 

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^thats probably what ill end up doing.

i just wanted to see that someone else had done it first (AND took photos)

to make things easier on me ahahah.

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