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Anti-backfire valve


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Hello Ratsun land,


I recently bought a 1978 620, and I'm trying to get it all put together so it will pass emmisions. (All the emissions stuff was either missing or disabled when I bought it) So far I have been able to find everything I have needed EXCEPT for an anti-backfire valve. None of the parts stores even list it.


Does anyone know where I can find a new anti-backfire valve? Or is there another name for it? Or an alternative part that does the same thing? Or does someone have a working "spare" that they would sell me?


Thanks in advance for the help,


Ben Jones

Surprise, AZ

'70 510 vg30 project

'78 620 daily driver project (if it will pass the emissions test)

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there are 2 dealers in u.s. that still show this part in stock buena park nissan ca.ph#714-739-0800 and ponderosa motors nissan wa.ph# 509-765-1774 part # 14835-b8003. call these dealers and see if they'll ship it to you.MSRP is $75.12 :D

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Thanks for the lead about the Nissan dealers...


I ran it through once and failed the visual inspection and the loaded tests, and barely passed the idle test.

Now I'm not even sure they even consider the anti-backfire valve part of the emissions equipment, so maybe I can try taking it in without an anti-backfire valve, and see what they say.

Do you think they'd fail me if it was backfiring every time they shifted? ;)

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