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drum brakes

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Ok so heres the deal... I'm too lazy "right now" to install a disc front setup... so I think new wheels cylinders and shoes will be in order... but I found so much contradicting information I am getting frustrated... some sources say that the front and rear wheel cylinders are different between 73-79, BUT both my haynes and chiltons say that the front of all 73-77 front drum trucks use the same wheel cylinders and the rear of all 73-79 trucks use the same rear wheel cylinders... anyone know for a fact what the truth is? Thanks guys... 510s are so much easier... :D

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Zuum, I have an old raybestos catalog that has part numbers for the 72-76 620. This catalog does not list the 77-79 trucks. I cant find my newer catalog right now.


72-76 620

Right front cylinder #37381 3/4" bore

Left front cylinder #37382 3/4" bore

Rear cylinders #37307 11/16" bore



This book also lists many other brake parts back to the 520, it also lists the shoes for the NL320.



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right on bro! I also looked at autozones part #s and the front numbers are the same from up to 77, but the rears for the 77 are different... according to them, bu it could also be a mid year thing cause nissan is famous for pulling that trick on us. :D


I would then to think that i would change at the same time as some other change in the brake system. IE front disc. But your right Nissan did do a few weird changes on mid year stuff.



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